I received the following email this afternoon:


I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as your Salesforce Account Executive. I’d like to spend some time reviewing your account to make sure you’re getting the best value out of Salesforce.

Does it make sense to schedule a quick 10 minute call to make sure Salesforce is aligned with your current goals & projects?

I look forward to working with you and your team.


Account Executive
Phone: (415) 882-2886


Your company popularized customer relationship management and your own system cannot tell you what I’ve told every single one of your predecessors?

I have to say both Jigsaw (data.com) and Salesforce do a poor job of actually listening to the customer—or at least listening to me. I get a new rep every six months, and I inevitably (invariably?) get roped into this type of discussion.

The worst thing is when I do make a suggestion for how to improve the service, I usually get this answer: “That’s a really great suggestion. However, I don’t really care. You see, I’m not required or empowered to care. I may be a customer service rep (i.e. account executive), but actually listening to you isn’t part of my job description. You’ll now have to go to this site (“lemme give you the URL”) and type everything up you just told me and then hit the submit-button.”

You’ve got to be kidding me. Marketing departments have to learn that CRM = LRM (lifecycle relationship management). CRM/LRM is not software, it’s a process.