Living presently in Phoenix makes US Airways my default airline, as it has the most connections out of here. Because of that I signed up for a US Airways Dividend Miles credit card. However, I just don’t care about the dining rewards, and consider the regular email updates clutter in my inbox.

Imagine my surprise when the following message popped up during the email unsubscription process:

Choosing not to receive email updates will reduce your benefits to one mile per two dollars spent. Additionally, you will not be eligible for any current or future dining bonuses.

Only members who have signed up to receive emails and provided a valid, deliverable email address are eligible for our best rewards.

Please uncheck the opt-out box before proceeding to ensure you receive the maximum rewards for this program.

The opt-out mechanism is advising me not to opt-out unless I want to be punished!

In marketing you clearly want to reward your best customers, and you want to get rid of your worst. But is it really in your best interest to punish your good customers (I fly on US Airways 20-30 times a year)?