For those of you keeping score at home regarding my iPad purchasing saga (see post about Apple), based on Apple’s advice I switched from Apple’s online store to Best Buy. So that you don’t have to read the whole previous post, I ordered too many iPads from Apple and was subsequently banned from buying more.

Today I received a cancellation email from Best Buy because they were “…unable to verify my information.” So I called to verify my information.

First I was asked for my phone number so that they could look up my name. My question about why they didn’t just ask for my name went unanswered. After finally locating my order—once I gave them the order number (why didn’t they just ask for that in the first place?)—I learned that once more I’ve ordered too many iPads, and this order will not get filled.

I’ve seen this movie before.

No one in customer service was able to tell me what the order limit is, but I was told with absolute certainty that not a single person at Best Buy would be able to override it.

Since I’m decent at math I figured out the order limit myself. This was my third order (the very first one I placed was the one that Apple had canceled on me about ten days ago), and therefore the purchase limit has to be 2.

That could make gift-giving very tricky for some people.

It certainly puts a damper on my ability to stimulate the economy. Carole Inman (marketer extraordinaire) put it this way to me:

I think we have identified part of the reason the US economy is lagging – self-inflicted injury! 😦

It also goes against every marketer’s mantra of not over-promising and under-delivering, which is beginning to affect my efforts. Since I have a supply chain problem, it’s time to either seek alternate sources (not working) or substitutes. I feel a Five Forces blog post coming on . . .

Definitely time to reach out to to see how they feel about gifting the Kindle Fire.