The best value proposition is to solve a complex problem simply.

The issue is that this doesn’t create any real barriers to entry for competitors since they could easily copy the solution (can you afford a full-fledged patent dispute not knowing if victory will be assured?).

Complex solutions are easy to sell…because they are complex. The complexity implies value, and people are willing to pay a lot for that—they’re not willing to pay much for simple solutions [that deliver the same value]. Paying for the process seems much more important than paying for the result.

We all know the adage about consultants: if you can’t be part of the solution, be part of the problem and continue to get paid.

Imagine then a consultancy that doesn’t sell fish, but instead teaches its customers how to fish.

Kepner-Tregoe (KT) has a product called “Problem Solving & Decision Making” (PSDM) that teaches companies how to problem-solve. Such a shame then that KT’s best PSDM marketing asset—a customer video testimonial—is buried deep within the site.

You’ll never find the video—the site is a bit of a marketing (UI/UX) disaster. So here are two links to the video. Enjoy.

It’s a very powerful message, and a very simple (but not simplistic) solution. I wonder how well it is selling. And I wonder if they get repeat business from turning customers into thinkers and independent problem-solvers.